Practice Area Specialist:

Kevin Stillwell

Acting for more than 350 doctors’ practices in addition to individual GPs, Kevin can draw on extensive practical experience in addressing issues faced by GP clients. 

With his detailed knowledge of general medical practice Kevin is able to offer cost effective advice to general medical practitioners, especially in the areas of Partnership Agreements (formation and structuring), admissions and retirements, surgery relocation, leasing and building schemes, inter-partner disputes, practice mergers and federations.

With a client base of over 350 Doctors’ practices in excess of 25 years experience in this field, Stillwells have advised on the formation of many Doctors’ federations.

It is imperative that a federation is governed by a well drawn-up shareholders agreement. Stillwells is able to provide advice as to the legal structure of federations and shareholders agreements, including assisting clients in reaching mutual agreements on issues such as:

  • Equal or weighted shareholdings
  • Equal or weighted voting rights
  • Members’ loans
  • Representation by nominees on behalf of practices

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