Tax & Estate Planning

Practice Area Specialist:

Hanah Wright

Hanah has a strong background in property work and has a particular interest in commercial freehold and leasehold premises, sales of development land, business transfers for medical partnerships and surgery relocations, whilst also carrying out residential property work and domestic conveyancing. Hanah also has several years experience in private client work.

Many estates do not attract a charge of inheritance tax but as property prices have increased, many more estates fall within the value of estates where inheritance tax will be payable.

When you die, a portion of your estate can be left to your beneficiaries tax free, but after your tax free allowance has been used, the balance of your estate may be subject to an inheritance tax charge which is currently 40%.

We can help you minimise the impact that inheritance tax will have upon your estate by advising you about tax planning and gifts during your lifetime. Putting in place plans early can minimise the impact that inheritance tax may have upon your estate and your beneficiaries.

Inheritance tax is an area that is often subject to change due to changes in legislation and personal circumstances often change.  With this in mind, it is sensible to review your estate at least every five years to ensure that it is being dealt with in the  most tax-efficient way.

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